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BAU 2019: Teckentrup focuses on customer centricity

“Customer centricity leads to better products and better services”, says Teckentrup general manager Kai Tecken-trup. At BAU 2019 you could see what’s behind this. True to the motto “always the best solution – your solution” the company presented product innovations, digital services tailored to requirements and services for planners and processors that make their work easier and lead to more efficient processes.

For around two years the building element specialist based in Verl, Germany, has been working on methods to become more customer-centric. In an extensive workshop in Telfs in 2017 together with dealers, planners and processors, specific parameters for the manufacturer were defined. These were incorporated into the further development of the company’s services and products, and were repeatedly checked in further consultations with all the partners involved. At BAU, Teckentrup presented detailed results.

Teckentrup also presented new digital solutions for smart home applications: doors and lighting can now be controlled via smartphone. The garage can thus be opened remotely (e.g. for the delivery of a parcel). Further system components include camera control and humidity and temperature monitoring. With the extensive lighting package an optimally lit area in front of, and in the garage can be created. Through integration into the system “Homee” no additional app is necessary: the control of functions for the garage takes place simply and easily via one central application.

Improvements to product details

Doors that are mounted flush are in trend – this was confirmed by the customer workshops with architects and planners. It was also clear that flush mounting in relation to the door frame is especially desired. In addition, the use of steel doors has increased significantly in recent years. “Modern multi-functional steel doors, with their wide range of approvals, fulfil the increased design requirements for modern buildings. With our flush-mounted variant “Designprofil FB” we are adding on to the established modular principle of our “62” door series, using its constructional product advantages, and with the attractive door surfaces we are moving with the current trend towards more aesthetics in steel doors”, explained Sven Diembeck, Manage¬ment Executive for technical areas at Teckentrup. The solution is not a completely new frame but a design profile that can be combined with standard frames – this means that this attractive solution is also economic. In combination with corner or wrap-around frames, installation takes place flush with the skirting board; block frames can even be mounted flush with the walls.

Service offensive with a 360-degree view

“One thing that came out of our discussions was that as partners we need to offer more than just products: working together leads to new ideas for services – from which our customers immediately benefit and which also improve our understanding of our customers as well as extending our portfolio”, said Teckentrup. A central new service that devel-oped from this customer-centric view is the “Door Transport Service”: instead of just delivering the building elements to the building site, Teckentrup now offers to transport them right to where they will be installed. This allows the installers to concentrate on their main work. “The bigger the building, the more worthwhile it is to use this service”, explained Teckentrup.

Customer centricity remains the focus

From the beginnings of the concept in 2017 a “360-degree service” was developed. This includes fast delivery, also of spare parts, and a repair service. A single point of contact and a technical hotline provide quick access to advice. For insta-llations that require certification the partnership includes main-tenance and legal certainty. In addition to product and sales seminars, Teckentrup offers on-site support with installation, particularly for special technical solutions. This philosophy has been established and will further improve the company’s portfolio. Kai Teckentrup is convinced of this: “The constructive discussions have moved us forward – and are gaining with more and more acceptance. This was confirmed by various agile projects. This dialogue is so fruitful because the building professionals know what they need much better than we do – we will continue consistently along this path”.


“The intensive discussions with the users have led
us more quickly to better products and services”.
Kai Teckentrup is a proponent of the philosophy
of co-creation.

Picture: Teckentrup

“The idea of giving a flush-mounted appearance
to components for standard door frames resulted
from one of our co-creation workshops”, said
Sven Diembeck, Management Executive for
technical areas at Teckentrup.

Picture: Teckentrup

Flush-mounted doors as an architectural trend:
the new frame construction set from Teckentrup
results in an aesthetically pleasing appearance
of door frames – with the use of standard frames.

Picture: Teckentrup


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Teckentrup: Door solutions

With its production plants in Verl-Sürenheide (head office, NRW) and Großzöberitz (Saxony-Anhalt) as well as its 900 employees, Teckentrup is one of the biggest door and industrial door manufacturers in Europe.

The medium-sized company, managed in its third generation by the owning family, is particularly committed to the values of quality, design and service. Permanent improvements to the products and the development of new technologies are a matter of course for Teckentrup. A customer-focused alignment (customer centricity) has been implemented across the company to ensure continuous further development. For instance, the company guarantees that the best solution in terms of design, safety and service is always found in collaboration with its partners. The range includes product solutions from the areas of HOME (garage doors), PROFESSIONAL (functional doors) and INDUSTRIAL (industrial doors).

Today, the company, which was established in 1932, combines tradition with progress and always “made in Germany”. Numerous international certifications are the basis for a globally successful sale of the products.