sedak relies on green energy

New PV installation in operation

It is not only since the energy price explosion that sedak has been using regenerative energy. The specialists for oversized glass have set themselves a number of targets for 2023 in order to take steps towards even more environmentally friendly production. In 2022 the company already enlarged its existing PV installation on the roof of the main factory.

“With the extension of our PV system we are now able to cover around 80 percent of our electricity requirement using regenerative energy”, said Kevin Berni, Head of Sales and Marketing, pleased about more electricity from the sun. With its recycling quota of more than 90 percent, glass is a particularly resource-saving building material. But the energy balance of its manufacture leaves a lot of room for improvement as it is energy intensive. Already since 2021, the photovoltaic system has been supplying the company’s location in Gersthofen with almost 260,000 kWh annually. The new installation will provide an additional 1,400,000 kWh per year of solar power. “In total there are more than 4000 modules with an area of 8010 square meters”, said Berni. In addition to the PV extension, sedak supports a range of measures from free use of bicycles for employees to economical energy management in the offices and consistent recycling: up to 94 percent of the total waste materials are sorted and recycled. Around 95 percent of the waste from PVB and SG interlayers, for example, goes back to the supplier.



sedak has extended the photovoltaic installation on the roof of its production halls. The annual yield is now around 1.7 million kWh.
Picture: sedak


With company bicycles, sedak contributes to reducing CO2 emissions in factory traffic.
Picture: sedak


sedak headquarters in Gersthofen, Germany.
Picture: sedak



sedak – leading glass

Since its founding in 2007, Germany-based company sedak has used its pioneering spirit to establish itself as a premium manufacturer of large-format insulated and safety glass. sedak has evolved their glass as a construction material for all-glass facades and roofs. Iconic facades and buildings are created with an unprecedented degree of transparency thanks to superior quality of innovative products.

sedak manufactures single-pane glass units, multi-layer glazing and functional insulated glass units in formats up to 3.6 x 20 meters in an efficient, highly automated system. Raw glass is treated, strengthened, laminated, printed, lamination-curved and assembled into insulated glass with a unique set of machinery that spreads over a production area measuring 35,000qm. Since integrating Italian-based Sunglass Industry srl, who are the specialist in curved glass, sedak’s core expertise also now includes hot bending glass. The specialist also supplies exceptional solutions for luxury yachts with optimized glass for use on the high seas.

The glass fabricator particularly demonstrates its solution-oriented expertise in special designs. Thanks to its research and development spirit, new technologies and the expertise of its 190 employees, sedak is constantly advancing innovations in glass finishing and sees itself as a partner to architects, developers, facade builders and metalwork companies. As a specialist in oversized and extremely heavy glass, the company develops future-oriented solutions to implement customers visions with a flexible approach. The glass fabricator acts as a full-service supplier – from the initial order to final delivery. sedak thus helps advance tomorrow’s visionary architecture today.

Exceptional reference projects provide proof of impressive expertise. These include: Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg / House of European History, Brussels / Faculty of Medicine, Montpellier / Torre Europa, Madrid / Iconsiam, Bangkok / Apple Park, Cupertino / Apple Cube, New York / Experimenta, Heilbronn / Numerous premium flagship stores.

Areas of use
– Glass facades
– Glass roofs
– Glass stairways
– Glass balustrades
– Yacht glazing
– Pool glazing
– Safety glazing
– All-glass structures
– Interior design
– Special designs



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