sedak launches first tempered glass without anisotropies

sedak tempered+ offers pattern-free vision

sedak, one of the leading glass manufacturers, today announced the launch of sedak tempered+, a new generation of fully tempered and heat-strengthened glass with no anisotropies*. Based on a revolutionary advanced tempering process, sedak now offers customers, architects and developers tempered glass with best optical properties from every angle and under any lighting condition.

”We are committed to ensuring that our glass addresses the evolving needs of architecture and buildings. One of these needs is the elimination of anisotropies. We’ve invested a lot towards our research and development to eliminate these optical effects occurring during tempering. Today, we are setting new standards in glass”, said Kevin Berni, Head of Sales at sedak. “With sedak tempered+ we have brought the tempering process to the next level and made architects’ dreams come true: Heat-treated glass without the effects of anisotropies. Rainbow pattern belong to the past. Pattern-free tempered glass is now.“

The elimination of anisotropies

Tempered glass is an integral part of architecture. Thermal toughening transforms glass from a brittle and fragile material into a strong and resilient one. With one disadvantage: anisotropies. It is a so-called double refraction phenomena due to the induced thermal stress. The eye recognizes this effect as a shimmering effect in the glass (interference color). Unlike conventional tempered glass, which often has a pronounced degree of visible anisotropy, sedak tempered+ demonstrates no anisotropic effects*.

“Anisotropies in glass are typically unavoidable but can be reduced with a well-designed furnace program. With our patented tempering process, we have succeeded to reduce this effect to nearly zero. This is revolutionary, especially in the case of multi-layer laminates, where the effect tends to multiply. With sedak tempered+, the effect of anisotropies is now minor”, said Fritz Schlögl, Head of Research and Development at sedak.

Tempering with a plus

Like common tempered glass, sedak tempered+ is produced by heating the glass to a high temperature, usually around 640°C (1,184°F), and then rapidly, cooling it using air fans. Through a cutting-edge manufacturing technique, sedak tempered+ still achieves all technical properties needed for tempered glass in line with all codes, but with remarkable clarity and vision.

sedak tempered+ is available for fully-tempered and heat-strengthened glass.


*Not visible to the naked eye



sedak tempered+ is the first tempered glass without anisotropies.
Credit: ©Eric Vitale Photography


Anisotropies can be made visible using a polarizing filter film.
Credit: ©sedak GmbH & Co. KG


Kevin Berni, Head of Sales at sedak, presented the difference between conventional tempered glass (on the right) and sedak tempered+ (on the left). The anisotropies are not visible to the naked eye, they become visible when wearing polarized sunglasses.
Credit: ©Eric Vitale Photography


sedak unveiled sedak tempered+ in Septmber in New York. Beatriz Fernandez, Sales North America at sedak, Maic Pannwitz, VP of sedak Inc., and Kevin Berni, Head of Sales, answered questions from the architects. (from left to right)
Credit: ©Eric Vitale Photography


sedak Managing Director Bernhard Veh (right) at the product launch in New York. In the background: Gery Chinzi and Gaia Sperotto (both sedak Sales)
Credit: ©Eric Vitale Photography



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