sedak relies on green energy

The specialists for oversized glass have set themselves a number of targets for 2023 in order to take steps towards even more environmentally friendly production. In 2022 the company already enlarged its existing PV installation on the roof of the main factory.

Bullet-resitant and curved

Sedak: Bullet-proofed glass now also curved All-round protection: As the only manufacturer so far, sedak has combined these characteristics for glass and even has two different lines in its portfolio: the insulation glass „sedak isosecure“ and the laminate system „sedak secuprotect“. Radiuses of one meter upwards are possible; the glass is splinter-free and available up […]

Bird protection – thought big

New glass competence from sedak: Optimal protection for birds and maximum transparency Maximum transparency, optimal bird protection – for almost any glass type and with a format of up to 3.60 x 20 meters: with the innovative sedak printing (a registered design) less than two percent of the glass area needs to be printed in […]

Crystal-clear views

Unobstructed view: Parapets and handrails with glass edges With its glass edges for all-glass parapets and handrails, sedak combines attractive aesthetics with function. There is not even a narrow metal component to spoil the view. Curved or even bulletproof parapets are also available. If balconies and roof terraces are to offer unobstructed sweeping views into […]


sedak: Insulating glass in all bullet-resistance classes “A+Awards Special Mention 2020” for sedak isosecure As protection against attacks using weapons sedak offers protection in the bullet-resistance classes BR2 NS to BR7 NS (according to DIN EN 1063), so up to the highest level of protection, with its insulating glass sedak isosecure. Glass panes are therefore […]

sedak extends production limit to a width of 3.60 meters

Oversized glass in new maximum size sedak now presents transparency in a larger maximum size, achieving a new milestone in glass processing: the technological leader for large-format functional glass now manufactures panes up to 3.6 meters wide. This makes insulation and safety glass with areas of up to 72 square meters possible. This new format […]

Achieving big things together

World record: new Wagner Design Lab gets the world’s largest glass panes from sedak Impressive architecture using glass in oversized formats can also be found beyond the metropolises – an example of this is the new “Wagner Design Lab” of the seating furniture manufacturer Wagner in Langenneufnach (Bavaria, Germany). On its slim steel supports the […]

Transparency at the highest level

A total of 404 glass fins from sedak enable large-area glass façades in the new Lakhta quarter Europe’s tallest building dominates the north of St. Petersburg, directly on Neva Bay. Whilst from a distance the sheer size of the Lakhta Tower emanates the excellence of the building, directly at its foot two glass multifunctional buildings […]

Idyllic vista on a transparent screen

A sedak insulation glass pane measuring 3.2 x 15 meters distinguishes the Grand Park Hotel in Rovinj (Croatia) The view over the picturesque historic town center of the Croatian seaport of Rovinj, with the Mediterranean and St Catherine’s Island in the foreground, was the central focus for the architects from 3LHD when planning the new […]

Boundless weightlessness through glass

Infinity pool with sedak glass A glass bottom and equally transparent glass walls make a swimming pool with unusual views a special eye-catcher. At the same time it functions as a roof light for the display area of an Austrian pool specialist. The two sedak glass elements transform the swimming pool into a so-called “infinity […]