Achieving big things together

World record: new Wagner Design Lab gets the world’s largest glass panes from sedak

Impressive architecture using glass in oversized formats can also be found beyond the metropolises – an example of this is the new “Wagner Design Lab” of the seating furniture manufacturer Wagner in Langenneufnach (Bavaria, Germany). On its slim steel supports the showroom appears like a floating stage. This impression is also enhanced by the two 120 square meter glass façades on the long sides, each consisting of only two insulation glass panes. At around 20 meters in length these are the largest glass panes ever used in construction worldwide.

Design and architecture in harmony: the Wagner Design Lab of the seating furniture manufacturer Topstar/Wagner (in Langenneufnach near Augs¬burg) is a design laboratory and showroom for chairs and other furniture. The concept of the architect Titus Bernhard (Augsburg): a cuboid built on top of the former home of the Wagner family, the two opposing long sides of which make it look completely open due to the size of the glass panes. This highlight originates from the direct neighborhood: the glass processor sedak (Gersthofen) produced four triple insulation glass panes for the new showroom, each with a size of 3.04 x 19.21 meters. The glass panes are constructed from a double thermally toughened glass laminate with a heat-protection coating and an SG interlayer. This creates two areas of glass of 117 square meters – each with only a single joint. The Wagner Design Lab is the first construction worldwide with glass in this oversized format. “Iconic buildings with large glass areas have so far mostly been realized in the USA, Arabia and other parts of Asia. We are delighted that we are now getting increasing numbers of inquiries from closer to home”, said Bernhard Veh, Managing Director of sedak, “and now even in the direct neighborhood of our headquarters”. Following the Trade Fair Tower in Frankfurt with 17 meter glass panes, the showroom is the second project within a short time in which oversized glass has been used for construction in Germany.

Neighborly symbiosis

The project came to life in a close partnership between the companies under the maxim “achieving big things together”. With the Design Lab, Wagner demonstrates impressively that the power of joint innovation can lead to exceptional results. The two groundbreaking medium-sized companies are not only united through the proximity of their locations: “With mutual vision and courage, companies can create big things together”, explained Peter Wagner, Managing Director and co-owner of the furniture manufacturer, “here in two senses – the big glass panes are representative of the big idea behind the project”. The glass façades and the furniture on display thereby enter into a harmonious relationship with each other. The high transparency of the façade creates a feeling of exclusivity and maximum openness – this impression also reflects on the furniture and emphasizes the quality standard of Wagner.

The installation of the glass panes in the façade in March 2020 is an important milestone – the opening of the showroom is planned for this summer.



Glass processing in the superlative: sedak supplies glass panes up
to a size of 3.6 x 20 meters and thereby the largest glass in the world.
Photo: sedak


For the production of glass in oversized formats sedak
has developed its own unique machinery.
Photo: sedak


For the production of glass in oversized formats sedak
has developed its own unique machinery.
Photo: sedak


Design and architecture combined: the 233.6 square meters of glass on
the long sides of the cuboid open up the building optically and provide
an ideal setting for the exhibits.
Photo: Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA


A milestone is achieved: with technical know-how and a great deal of dexterity
the oversized insulation glass panes were installed on location at Langenneufnach.
Photo: sedak


A milestone is achieved: with technical know-how and a great deal of dexterity
the oversized insulation glass panes were installed on location at Langenneufnach.
Photo: sedak


Achieving big things together: Bernhard Veh (Managing Director of sedak),
Peter Wagner (Managing Director and co-owner of Wagner) and Titus Bernhard
(Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA) (from left to right) at the completion of the
new Wagner Design Lab – the installation of the world’s largest glass panes.
Photo: sedak




Credits board

Project: Wagner Design Lab
Completion: July 2020
Owners: Wagner Living, Langenneufnach, Germany
Architect: Titus Bernhard Architekten, Augsburg, Germany
Insulation glass: sedak, Gersthofen



sedak – leading glass
With a pioneering spirit, the medium-sized glass processor sedak (Gersthofen) has developed since its foundation in 2007 into a premium manufacturer for large-format insulation and safety glass, and has pushed forward glass as a building material for all-glass façades and roofs. sedak supplies glass for iconic buildings throughout the world. As a full-service supplier, the glass processor works as a partner with architects, building owners, façade and metal constructors and with its innovative products it contributes to the visionary architecture of tomorrow already today.

The seating furniture manufacturer Topstar (Langenneufnach) with its two brands Topstar and the premium brand Wagner puts people’s well-being in focus and brings design, movement and health into harmony. Through consistent research and development, Wagner has developed a patent that redefines healthy sitting through movement – everywhere that people place high value on their daily quality of life. Design that moves, movement that sits!



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Leading glass

sedak, the glass manufacturer in Gersthofen, Germany, was founded in 2007. The company and its 170 employees have developed into the world’s technology and innovation leader for large insulating and safety glass. With a ten-year experience of manufacturing oversize glass and after having increased the level of automation continuously, sedak is regarded as a specialist in this know-how intensive segment. The glass units reach dimensions up to 3.51 m x 20 m – processed, tempered, laminated, printed, coated, and cold bent. The core capabilities are the lamination of glass, edging, and the company’s special knowledge of producing glass components with additional functional and decorative elements. sedak’s production has been optimized for extraordinary glass sizes and weights; all finishing steps are highly automated and handled in-house. As a full supplier for glass up to 20 m, sedak sees itself as a partner for architects, designers, and façade constructors. Outstanding references are for example the House of European History in Brussels, the Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier, the Torre Europa in Madrid, Brookfield Place in New York City, the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Apple Cube in New York City, the science center experimenta in Heilbronn, as well as numerous premium flagship stores worldwide.




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