sedak and sunglass merge sales

Glass from a single source: flat, curved, in oversized formats Around three years ago, sedak, the technological leader for glass in oversized formats and high-end quality, and sunglass industry, specialists for thermally curved glass, joined together. Now, the two companies are bundling their sales operations under the sedak brand. Architects and planning offices will now […]

Precisely curved glass up to 18 meters in length

sedak puts 18m bending furnace into operation sedak has extended its production capacity in the field of curved glass. With the start of operation of its new 18m bending furnace, the glass processing company is setting new standards in thermal glass bending and has underpinned its technological leadership for large-format functional glazing. The new sedak […]

Brâncușis Măiastra in twelve-meter-high glass cube

Craiova Art Museum honors sculptor with impressive glass art When works of art from a sculptor are exhibited underground they need an even stronger above-ground anchor point. This is the idea that led to the creation of the twelve-meter-high cube above the new “Brâncuși Museum” in Craiova, which is dedicated to the work of the […]

Bullet-resitant and curved

Sedak: Bullet-proofed glass now also curved All-round protection: As the only manufacturer so far, sedak has combined these characteristics for glass and even has two different lines in its portfolio: the insulation glass „sedak isosecure“ and the laminate system „sedak secuprotect“. Radiuses of one meter upwards are possible; the glass is splinter-free and available up […]

Bird protection – thought big

New glass competence from sedak: Optimal protection for birds and maximum transparency Maximum transparency, optimal bird protection – for almost any glass type and with a format of up to 3.60 x 20 meters: with the innovative sedak printing (a registered design) less than two percent of the glass area needs to be printed in […]

sedak starts fact sheet series

Expert knowledge in compact form Specialist knowledge about glass directly from the source of new ideas: this is what the new fact sheets from sedak provide. The first themes to be covered are “anisotropies”, “bullet-resistant glass” and “lamination”. Compact and easy to understand but technically detailed, the information sheets focus on specific technical aspects of […]

Glass art in the context of architecture: impressive right into the detail

22 Bishopsgate, London: a new landmark emerges with artwork by Alexander Beleschenko In the heart of London “22 Bishopsgate” soars 278 meters into the sky. But one of the most characteristic design features of the building is directly above the heads of passers-by: the glass canopies. They consist of 149 laminates in total, colorfully designed […]

Finely cut

Multifaceted interplay: the optics of fluted glass   Panes of glass with grooves create a dynamic visual impression that changes according to the viewing angle and the incident light. sedak now realizes these fascinating optics by cutting the grooves into float glass. The big advantage: the new production process allows numerous design options. In comparison […]

Crystal-clear views

Unobstructed view: Parapets and handrails with glass edges With its glass edges for all-glass parapets and handrails, sedak combines attractive aesthetics with function. There is not even a narrow metal component to spoil the view. Curved or even bulletproof parapets are also available. If balconies and roof terraces are to offer unobstructed sweeping views into […]


sedak: Insulating glass in all bullet-resistance classes “A+Awards Special Mention 2020” for sedak isosecure As protection against attacks using weapons sedak offers protection in the bullet-resistance classes BR2 NS to BR7 NS (according to DIN EN 1063), so up to the highest level of protection, with its insulating glass sedak isosecure. Glass panes are therefore […]