Boundless weightlessness through glass

Infinity pool with sedak glass

A glass bottom and equally transparent glass walls make a swimming pool with unusual views a special eye-catcher. At the same time it functions as a roof light for the display area of an Austrian pool specialist. The two sedak glass elements transform the swimming pool into a so-called “infinity pool”. They give the swimmer the feeling of a limitless swimming experience at a height of five meters. At the same time they demonstrate the performance capabilities of the material: the pool is around 1.2 meters deep, exerting a load of around 38 tons of water on the 13 x 2.5 meter insulation glass that forms the bottom of the pool. Constant pressure on the glass walls of the pool also challenges the material there.

The impression that the boundaries of the pool blend into the surrounding environment is largely a result of the glass edges, which end exactly at water level and also form the outer limits of the roof. The horizon and the water surface thus melt together in a harmonious transition – even underwater the surroundings are easily discernible. Looking down, the glass bottom of the pool provides the swimmer with a view into the showrooms below and is also a source of light for the interior in the style of an atrium. When the sunlight is refracted by the water surface, interesting light effects are created, providing a unique atmosphere in the room.

The pool base is a 4.4 ton sedak isotherm insulation glass pane made from a four-layer and a two-layer thermally toughened laminate, each with an SG interlayer. The glass was produced fully automatically as stepped insulation glass on the sedak insulation glass line. The 80 mm step facilitated the installation of the pool base. The sides of the pool consist of shear-resistant five-layer GlasCobond laminates, also with thermally toughened glass layers (12 millimeters) and SG interlayers (1.52 millimeters), which enable the transfer of high loads.

This example demonstrates how broad the range of possible uses for glass has become. In addition to luxurious private houses, applications for this special pool include, in particular, hotels. The manufacturer sedak thereby supports planners completely, right up to the logistics: the heavyweight pool base was transported to Weibern in Austria using a specially designed semitrailer from sedak. A film was made of the project, which can be viewed on the sedak YouTube channel.



The infinity pool was built into the roof of the
showrooms of the pool specialist Polytherm.

Photo: Polytherm GmbH


32 square meters of ceiling made from glass and water:
the transparent bottom of the pool provides a special
swimming experience and the water creates unique light
effects in the interior of the building.

Photo: Polytherm GmbH


The glass pool base was produced fully automatically on
the sedak insulation glass line as stepped insulation glass.

Photo: sedak GmbH & Co. KG



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