CarTeck Frame 2.0: Easy and quick installation

Teckentrup: New Garage Door Frame

Using less individual parts and with the help of well-engineered connections Teckentrup (Verl) simplifies the installation for its garage doors. Thus the „CarTeck Frame 2.0“ is very installation-friendly, requires low-maintenance and is installed faster. At the same time it offers many individual solutions. „Furthermore this model is visually extremely appealing”, says Ekkehard Grohs -the head of the development/construction department who drove the development of the new frame further- happily.

With the new frame installation steps have been reduced, clearer manuals and a new design have been created. The “Customer Co-Creation Process” delivered feed in form of wishes and suggestions of metalworkers that directly influenced the product development – so direct input from the installation specialists has been considered.

Installation-friendly, less individual parts, stable

A variety of new detail solutions ensures a comprehensively newly designed door frame. The improvements range from pre-mounted parts to easier to reach connective elements. Examples:

• Until now adjusting the spring tension for weight balancing occurred by tightening the nut. Due to this the screw protruded to the back and determined (in combination with the horizontal springs) the door’s insertion depth. For the „frame 2.0“ the springs are tensioned by hanging the clamping device into the multi hole system of the vertical frame. By this tightening the set screw becomes obsolete and further the spring is secured in a better way using a hook in the spring duct. As a result the insertion depth is reduced by 450 millimeter and thus the frame fits easily in smaller garages.

• Teckentrup also improved the mounting of the frame end caps in the spring ducts. Brackets that fix the spring duct lid provide a higher level of safety. The specially secured frame end cap clamps the upper spring duct cover.

• Many screwing connections became obsolete with the new frame; only screwing to the building structure is necessary. The retaining brackets on the other hand are no longer complexly screwed but simply clipped in. Small garage doors with less than 70 kilogram door leaf weight – thus approximately 60 percent of all doors – do not even need a retaining bracket as the frame itself is stable enough. For larger doors (> 70 kilogram) the clip-in-connections save up to twelve screwing points. This gimmick quickens the installation, especially where available space in the garage is limited. The new retaining brackets allow an offset of up to 12 millimetres.

• Relinquishment of front punch holes creates an even surface over the entire front of the frame – a very aesthetic solution. Thus facing due to visual reasons is usually not required.

Harmonious complete package

„We kept proven structures. For example, final customers can still select from a wide range of colour and design options.“, explains Grohs. Many builders’ demand for individuality can be easily met.

In line with customer centricity Teckentrup focusses not only on the product but also on their services. This includes amongst other things e.g. a clear and easy to understand installation manual which can also be downloaded (via and thus be used right at the building site.



Customer Co-Creation: Product development for customers

Since the beginning of 2016 Teckentrup has concentrated intensively on new market requirements and has implemented customer satisfaction as a key pillar of their company philosophy. This approach embraces that products are no longer developed secretly but ideas and feedback of those who will be dealing with doors and gates in the end are considered throughout all stages – fitters, customers, and users. „As to improve our existing frame concept we asked for our customers’ opinion in an insight study. Impulses for the product improvement came in many cases directly from specialised craft businesses.“, explains Ekkehard Grohs. Results are needs-based, customised hinged doors and doors which meet the exact wishes and demands of involved target groups.

Already at the Bau 2017 Teckentrup presented first results of this development procedure by introducing a prototype of a modular based outer door. „We received a lot of positive feedback already on this new approach.“, states chief executive officer Kai Teckentrup happily.



Detailed solution: The clamping device will be mounted into the multi hole system in the vertical frame part. This saves time-consuming tensioning with a set screw.

Photo: Teckentrup

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Secure and durable spring system: The frame end cap is fastened in a better way to the spring duct.

Photo: Teckentrup

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The guiding rails are assembled quickly.

Photo: Teckentrup


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