The right door every time

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Teckentrup at BAU: New folding door, improved fire protection doors

The right door every time

Fire protection sliding doors with freewheel and folding doors of the new 2013 series: At BAU, Teckentrup presented innovative further developments for industrial doors.

Technical improvements at Teckentrup (Verl) for two door types: fire protection sliding doors (T30 and T90) are now available with a freewheel. As such, doors can be opened and closed with little effort. The door and gate manufacturer also presented its new range of folding doors – their array of detail improvements make them suitable for very wide openings. Environmental Product Declarations are already available for all our doors, meaning that the eco-balance requirements of each building are fulfilled.

Fire protection with freewheel

There are now fire protection sliding doors (T30 and T90) in a large variety of designs, for example smoke-proof or two-leafed for very large openings. Wicket doors without thresholds enable people to go through safely. Approvals are available for all standard doors in accordance with the new European standards – EN 1634-1 for fire protection sliding doors. In the constant function test in accordance with EN 1191, class C4 was achieved – this corresponds to 100,000 cycles. The flexible, easily installed Teckentrup 72 E T30-/T90 element also impresses in areas with ambitious design requirements. This is due to the fact that the components and the guide rails are completely hidden.

The freewheel function was presented as an innovative feature for the trade fair. This function enables the door to be opened and closed without the user having to expend much effort. To do this, the closing weight is detached (when the detection system is activated). The fire protection function remains active – the doors will still close independently in the event of a fire. The new technology is available as an option and can be retrofitted onto existing T30 and T90 sliding doors of the “Teckentrup 72 E” series.

Wide and flexible: the 2013 folding door series

The “Teckentrup 50” series enables folding door systems up to 16 metres in width and five metres in height. This was presented as the 2013 series at the trade fair. Strengthened fittings, improved door leaf and frame construction as well as improved sealing geometry increase operating safety and durability. As was the case for the predecessor series, installation takes place quickly and easily; no welding is necessary. The door family is compact and its members are systematically tuned to one another. The typical places in which they would be used are waiting rooms, depots, appliance rooms or vehicle depots.

The construction works with the minimum of wearing parts and is therefore not only durable, but also nearly maintenance-free (and therefore economical). Depending on the type of hall, either single-wall or insulating, double-wall doors with a UD value of up to 1.9 W/m²K are used. Electrical drives ensure greater speed (opens in twelve seconds) and comfort; wicket doors without thresholds ensure that people can pass through easily and safely. Although the door leaf can be very large, the door system does not take up much space. Installation is still possible even if the lintel is missing. With the appropriate cut-outs, the doors can also close crane track guides. As a special solution for fire brigades, there is also a quick-release function. This function works electricity-free via springs, opening the door in a few seconds. The door leaves opens with an angle of 90 or 180 degrees, thereby enabling a maximum passage width.

Glazing and freely selectable colours (per RAL) enable individual architecture, which can also support the exterior image of a company’s corporate design. The door is supplied smooth as standard (Traffic White, similar to RAL 9016).



Folding door of the new “2013 series” There is also an electricity-free quick release for fire brigades.

Picture: Teckentrup

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A heavy door, but it’s child’s play to slide it: The freewheel releases the door from the counterweights and it can therefore be opened and closed without expending much effort.

Picture: Teckentrup

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