Slim board, sustainable effect

StoTherm PIR high-performance insulation system requires very little space

With the right external wall insulation system, you can improve a facade’s energy credentials even when there is very little room in the case of a refurbishment, or if you are aiming to maximise the living space in a new build. With its extremely slim yet efficient insulation board, StoTherm PIR is ideal for these scenarios.

At the heart of the system – which is suitable for use in both new and existing buildings and even meets the strict requirements of the passive house standard – is a PIR rigid foam board. Thanks to its low thermal conductivity level of 0.024 to 0.026 W/mK, the cellular plastic makes it possible to achieve system structures that are up to 25 per cent slimmer than other systems. It is light and permanently water-repellent, it has been awarded the “pure life” eco-label, and it keeps its shape even at high temperatures. This means that StoTherm PIR does not generally require a fire strip.

The system is capable of withstanding high mechanical loads and can even be used to incorporate energy efficiency measures into old buildings without sacrificing their visual character. The slim board enables small reveal depths on windows and doors in order to let in just as much light as before. Adjacent building parts such as roof projections or window sills can also be adapted with the system without draining resources or money. The envelope is weather-resistant and yet permeable to CO2 and water vapour, ensuring long-term building protection. And when it comes to design options, StoTherm PIR offers a broad spectrum: customers can opt for organic and silicone resin renders in numerous colour shades from the StoColor System, or a coating with StoLotusan, the water-repellent render with Lotus-Effect® Technology.

Sustainable insulant

The high-performance insulant, which is emissions-tested and poses no risk to health, bears the “pure life” eco-label. The seal confirms that the insulant meets strict requirements regarding the materials it contains and the release of volatile substances such as VOC or formaldehyde. Furthermore, it can be recycled and contains no organic halogen compounds such as solvents or preservatives. The criteria for the seal were developed by the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz Institute (WKI). If you choose StoTherm PIR, you know you’re getting verified quality.



Energy efficiency and a maximised usable area are not mutually exclusive: the StoTherm PIR facade insulation system combines the two for this detached house.

Photo: Martin Baitinger, Böblingen / Sto SE & Co. KGaA

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StoTherm PIR system build-up.

Photo: Sto SE & Co. KGaA

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